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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 22, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, tropical storm isaac strengthens in the atlantic. now on track to impact south florida and could make a beeline for the. national convention in tampa. sam has the up-to-the-minute forecast on what could become major hurricane. not backing down. the country's most controversial candidate, refuses to drop out of the senate race after making the comments about rape. the republican party in revolt. todd akin takes our questions live this morning when we go one on one. diana nyad's epic swim cut short by storms and after hundreds of jelly fish. now, she tells us this morning what was really driving her amazing journey. and breaking overnight, a major blow to the royal family's image. buckingham palace confirms the naked photos of prince harry in his las vegas hotel room are real.
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showing up online. turning into a true-life royal hangover this morning. boy, oh, boy. what happened in vegas not stay in vegas. >> did not stay in vegas at all. >> good morning, america. a lot to get to this morning. the secret service is investigating a possible threat against president obama. it happened in washington state. they got a tip from the fbi. they were going over this last night. looks like everything is okay. right now. we'll have the latest coming up. also, the shocking story about the u.s. open umpire. she's overseen some of the famous figures of tennis. playing epic matches. now, she's under arrest and behind bars, accused of murdering her husband, on the eve of this year's open. >> amazing story. and we have news from uptown. is this the guy that will be taking the seat next to kelly
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ripa on "live." i guess that's not taking a seat. that's doing a lot more. that's super bowl champ, michael strahan, former giants player. rumt rumored to be in line for the big gig. we should know soon. >> he was really working for that. let's get right to that brand-new tropical storm forecast to be a hurricane. now on a path to impact south florida. could disrupt the republican national convention in tampa. and sam, of course, was tracking the storm overnight. what do you know, sam, good morning. >> let's look deeply into this storm. there's a lot happening in the tropics. we'll concentrate on isaac right now. overnight, the thunderstorms in the center of this storm allowed them to say this is a tropical storm now. this will be a rough one for guadeloupe, and the dominican. the i lands right there. moves towards puerto rico, the line the hurricane center has lined out for us. by the time it moves over guadeloupe, it's a very powerful storm. gets to puerto rico and it's a
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category 1 hurricane just south of the island there. then, continues in category 1 strength. you can see the string on the forecast. through the dominican republic, haiti. and monday, right off the south coast of florida. here's the deal. this doesn't mean it doesn't strengthen and weaken here. it means it averages a category 1 strength. that's a good, strong hurricane. that's a sloppy, messy storm for all involved. we haven't decided where this storm goes. take a look at an area of high pressure here and here. and there's where the republican convention is next week, in tampa. this storm has got to find itself being steered somewhere between these two areas of high pressure. it's likely florida, could be the gulf. we have to watch this storm system every minute. from now on. >> a lot of people keeping an eye on that have president sam, thanks very much. we'll have the latest on the gop senate candidate who stirred up a political hornet's nest, with his comments on abortion and rape. congressman todd akin has apologized for what he said but is refusing to back out of his senate race, despite the pleas of top republicans, including mitt romney. akin is standing by live for an
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interview. but first, abc's jon karl starts us off with where things stand right now. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. the republican party chairman is telling him to drop out. more than a dozen republican senators are telling him to drop out. even mitt romney wants him to go. but todd akin is digging in, one man against the entire republican party. he's the guy who just can't take a hint. after apologizing over and over again for his comments on, quote, legitimate rape, todd akin is now saying his comments have been blown out of proportion. >> basically, i misspoke one word in one sentence on one day and everything changed overnight. some of the liberal media was sharpening their long knives and so they've asked me to step aside. >> reporter: not the liberals. it's conservatives who aren't buying it. the republican party chairman is even saying akin won't be welcome at next week's republican convention. >> he ought to step aside and really put your country first and give someone an opportunity in this race that's going to
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have a better chance of winning. >> reporter: the list of leading republicans, including tea party groups and conservative activists, demanding akin to quit goes on and on, all the way up to mitt romney. >> this man has said something that's totally inappropriate and offensive. >> reporter: about the only person who says akin should stay in the race, is his democratic opponent, claire mccaskill. >> what's startling to me is that these party big wigs are coming down on him and saying that he needs to kick sand in the face of the republican primary voters. >> reporter: mccaskill knows what republicans know. against akin, she almost certainly wins. republicans missed one deadline when akin decided not to drop out yesterday. but gop leaders say it is not too late. he still -- they can still replace him and print new ballots as long as he gets out by september 25th. >> another deadline coming up. okay, jon, thank you very much. congressman akin joins us live from st. louis. good morning, congressman. thank you for joining us. >> it's a pleasure, george.
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thank you for giving me an opportunity to visit with you. >> absolutely. last night, you sent out a tweet saying the liberal media is trying to get you out of the race. but you saw the piece right there. the calls for you to go come from mitt romney, republican senators, sean hannity, rush limbaugh. that is not the liberal media. >> you're right on that. essentially, with the way i see things have shaped up, we have given this a lot of thought. that is over a year period of time, a number of us ran in this republican primary. each of us had our messages. i was outspent by a large amount in terms of media. and yet, by standing on principle, and putting politics aside, and talking about the foundations of this country, the people of missouri chose me to be their candidate. i don't think it's right for party bosses to decide to override those voters. so, i think it's -- i think really, we should allow things to stand, and let the election
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process is unfolded. >> are you saying you're in, no matter what? you're not going to get out before that september 25th deadline, even if it appears you're going to lose and cost republicans, possibly, control of the senate? >> well, george, i'm never going to say everything that can possibly happen. i don't know the future. but i do know this. i know that the party voters took a look at our hearts, understood who we were, had a chance to meet us in many, many different ways and made a decision. and it makes me uncomfortable to think that the party bosses are going to dictate who runs as opposed to the election process. i believe there's a principle. >> you still are open to getting out? >> well, i've made the decision to stay in because i believe that we can win this race. there's such a strong contrast between me and my opponent. we're about opposite on all things. she's in favor of obama care. i voted 30 times against obama care. and she is also strongly pro-abortion. and i'm pro-life. i think that contrast gives us a
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basis to win this. and i'm planning to win it. >> let's talk more about what you said. in jon karl's piece, you said i misspoke one word, in one sentence, on one way. let's put up the original statement that you apologized for. if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. one of your supporters, jack willke, put out a statement s saying rep akin never used the word legitimate to refer to the rapist, but rather false claims like those made in the roe case. is that what you meant by legitimate? >> first of all, let me say, that legitimate, the word legitimate, doesn't ever have a good reason standing next to rape. there's no rape that is legitimate. and i understand that rape is a terrible and a tragic and a violent crime. and that's why i have apologized
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for using that word legitimate because it doesn't belong there. and i also know that i hurt people. and the first thing that i felt was right to do was to apologize. but i'm not apologizing for the fact that i'm pro-life and that i also believe it's important to defend the unborn. and the helpless. >> if you took out the word legitimate there, if it was a rape, the female body has ways to shut the whole thing down, that the sentence would be true? >> no. i was medically wrong. i understand that pregnancy can result from rape. and those are terrible circumstances, very difficult circumstances. >> you know, you're a member of the house science committee. a lot of people are wondering how an idea like that could even get in your head. >> well, that's a -- the poi of the matter is, yes, pregnancy can happen as a result of rape. i understand that. and i've acknowledged that fact.
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>> how about -- >> at the same time, i don't apologize for the fact that i'm consistently pro-life. i believe in defending the unborn. and i believe that, based on those kinds of principles, we can win this race. a sharp contrast between me and my opponent. >> excuse me, sir. how is this relevant to the case? are you suggesting, your allies are suggesting that babies are being killed because of women making false claims of rape? a lot of times, women are afraid to come forward after an incident because of shame or fear. >> well, i believe what you just said is true. and i think there are many victims of rape. and it is extremely serious. as i said, it's a violent crime. it leaves permanent scars. and it's -- in that regard, that's why i apologized because i said hurtful things. but i don't apologize for being pro-life and standing up for the
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ones who are defenseless. and that is a deep conviction that i have. >> the chairman of the national republican committee does not want you to go to the convention. are you going? >> no. i honor their particular wishes. my objective here is to be able to show the sharp contrast between myself and my democrat opponent. she supported obama care. i voted 30 times against it. she is pro-abortion. i am pro-life. and we have other big differences. she is consistently voting for big government, more taxes, and there hasn't been a budget in 1,000 days in the senate. in the house, we have passed budgets. and that contrast, i think, will result in our winning this race in november. >> congressman, thank you very much for your time this morning. >> george, it's a pleasure to join you. >> thank you. now, let's get the rest of the morning's top stories from josh. >> all right, george, good morning to both of you, and to
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all of you. we're going to begin with the secret service investigating a tlhreat against president obama's life. and now, a man in washington state is under arrest. abc's senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas, has been on this story all morning long and joins us with the very latest. good morning to you, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, josh. the secret service was acting on a tip from the fib about a disturbing e-mail allegedly directed at the president. when they arrived at an apartment located roughly 25 miles from seattle, a suspect allegedly came to the door with a shotgun. the authorities were able to subdue him and allegedly discovered a handgun. the suspect, identified as 31-year-old anton calouri, allegedly made a statement about bombs being in the apartment. as a precaution, authorities conducted a search of the residence, which took hours to complete. ultimately, no explosives were found. but it made for tense moments last night. >> good news in the end. that suspect is due in court today. pierre thomas, thank you for that. another potential threat to report this morning. police in tampa have confiscated a pipe and bricks from a rooftop not far from the site of next
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week's republican convention. they believe those items were stashed there by protesters. the department has been conducting drills to prepare for such circumstances. and we learned overnight that at least 50 buildings, many of them homes, have now been destroyed by that massive wildfire burning in northern california. the national guard has now been called in to help the nearly 2,000 firefighters on the scene. and we're now on track for the worst u.s. fire season on record. the amount of land burned this year alone is as big as the state of maryland. meanwhile, president obama's requested a briefing on the west nile virusout outbreak in texas. at least 21 people have now died, most near dallas. two more deaths have just been reported in houston. and it's not even peak season yet. a team from the cdc has been called in to help control this outbreak. and well, we all know the streets of new york can be a bit crazy. but not usually this crazy.
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take a look. construction crews working on the new underground subway line on the east side, were blasting a tunnel when obviously something went horribly wrong with the dynamite, triggering what became an above-ground volcano. it shot debris eight stories in the air. it broke windows. it damaged equipment. there may be no more shocking thing reported on this program today, no one was hurt. >> amazing. >> it is staggering. >> how did that happen? >> i don't know. but i'll let you know when i find out. >> all right, josh. thank you. now, to that story involving a well-known professional tennis umpire who is behind bars this morning after she was arrested in her u.s. open uniform and charged with murdering her 80-year-old husband in april. abc's dan harris is here with all of the details for us. good morning, dan. >> reporter: robin, good morning. for decades, she rubbed elbows and crossed swords with some of the most famous and combative figures in professional tennis. this morning, lois goodman is in jail here in new york city, waiting to be sent home to california to face murder charges. the u.s. open is known for fireworks and fierce competitors.
7:15 am
but never anything like this. lois ann goodman, a 70-year-old well-known umpire, who, over the years, had been on the receiving end of jeers from fans and glares from john mcenroe, now accused of murder. on the evening of april 17th, goodman called police to her home in los angeles, where they found alan goodman, her 82-year-old husband and father of her three children, dead. lois allegedly told police her husband had fallen down the stairs. but after an investigation, they determined she had, quote, personally used a deadly and dangerous weapon, to wit, a coffee cup, to bludgeon her husband to death. >> we located that coffee mug in several pieces at the crime scene. >> reporter: police say they had trouble tracking lois goodman down. but they heard she would be in new york city for the u.s. open, ich begins next week. >> the following day of the murder, she was back to her regular schedule.
7:16 am
just -- her routine kept going like it never stopped. >> reporter: and tuesday morning, she was arrested while leaving her hotel. wearing, as shown in this "new york daily news" picture, her u.s. open uniform. it appears to be a disgraceful end to an illustrious career. after running an auto parts store with her husband, goodman, an avid tennis fan and player started working as a linesperson in the 1970s. andre agassi once apologized to her after complaining about a call. being an ump is a low-paying job. and it involves putting up with players and crowds that can be disrespectful. but goodman told "the los angeles times" in 1994, she loved it anyway. quote, you can't let anything bother you and you can't take anything perm sonally, if you d you're in big trouble. she's in big trouble right now. "the new york times" saying that she allegedly beat him with the coffee cup and stabbed him with pieces of it. she is being charged with first-degree murder. and her attorney says she is going to fight this case. george, back to you.
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>> wow, dan, thanks. another shocking story. a hit-and-run caught on tape. a man being struck by a speeding truck in a school parking lot. that's right. it is so tough to watch. but the victim walked away with just a broken wrist. and as abc's rob nelson reports, arizona police are searching for the teenage girls believed to be responsible. >> reporter: the truck is going so fast, it's hard to see. but watch again in slow-motion. that's 26-year-old steven bright being hit and then dragged by a pickup truck through an elementary school parking lot. >> i remember thinking in my head, this is it, pretty much. i'm going to be thrown off this truck and i'm done. >> reporter: this morning, police are looking for two teenage girls who they say are responsible for that hit-and-run. and now could face charges of aggravated assault. >> it's a very serious incident. what's more important is the fact that we are really seeking these two individuals out so we can hear their version of what happened. >> reporter: bright said it started august 4th, when he and
7:18 am
his brother were walking near this elementary school. that's when they say two girls slowed down and started throwing water balloons at them. >> we actually thought at the time they were throwing rocks. >> reporter: bright says when he and his brother walked in front of the truck, the driver peeled off, full speed. >> at this point, i could hear acceleration from the truck. >> reporter: his brother made it. but the truck snagged bright's shirt, and dragged him under the tires. >> i could hear the girls screaming in the car. i actually saw two girls in the vehicle when i was flying over the front driver's side of the truck. i was yelling, hey, stop. they just would not stop. >> reporter: as bad as it looks, bright only suffered a broken right hand and some bruised ribs. >> i think that's amazing. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> i just can't believe it. i can't believe he walked away from that. >> glad he did. >> we sure are. sam, let's get some weather. >> unbelievable story. the worst weather on the board,
7:19 am
yesterday, through northern and central florida. this kind of wind damage from the pictures. wftv, our abc station in orlando, capturing the whole thing. and the best pictures we can show you, by the way, coming out of that area. trees down. soaking rains. the second day in a row there. here's where the worst rain on the board is today. at least five states have flood watches or warnings out because of this. a lot coming in desert locations, which will mean flooding. vegas, to flagstaff, to phoenix. they're all involved. a quick look at the big board. beautiful weather and so much warmer and nicer, if you're looking for that by the end of august in the northeast and the mid-atlantic.
7:20 am
>> that list of sunniest >> that list of sunniest cities on the board brought to you by target. more weather in the next half hour. robin, george, josh? coming up, huge royal hangover. prince harry and the palace confirming naked photos of him from his vegas weekend turning up online are real. how big a blow is this for the royal family? >> i like how you said that. and diana nyad speaks about her epic quest to swim in the most dangerous waters in the world. we talk to her live, just ahead.
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7:25 am
place but the victim wound up dying in a center aisle of the store. investigators working on a better description of the suspect who witnesses say was wearing dark clothing the city's 31st homicide of the year. hot spot this morning highway 4 heavy in both directions through pittsburg and antioch because of over turn crash eastbound 4 near railroad in the left rain westbound backed out of antioch. back-up at the bay bridge toll into the maze about a 20 minute wait to the metering lights. >> when we
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welcome back. flight arrive tkphraoeus sfo, 60 minutes. stubborn clouds along the coast, 50s to near 60, 60s, 70s bay mostly sunny, 80s east bay valleys, 50s tonight mist
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prince harry, partying hard in vegas last weekend. there he is at a pool party. that seems pretty innocent. ryan lochte was there. hat, sunglasses. but look what comes next. >> oh, boy. >> in that las vegas hotel room. >> what's that? >> now we wonder what does it mean for prince harry and the royal family? what is behind those pictures? >> abstract art. >> lara and josh just had a -- >> very excited about all this. >> that was funny. also ahead, diana nyad, forced to stop, as you know, just short from completing her dream of swimming from cuba to florida. we'll talk to her about her epic quest and what's next. and really, the bigger picture here of what it's like to go for something like that. >> she's an inspiration. so looking forward to that, robin.
7:31 am
also coming up, one of tv's biggest guessing games. who is replacing regis? is it? could it be? this guy? >> can we get some pixels? >> it should be, if for no other reason. >> michael strahan. >> michael strahan. that's what we're hearing. >> and he's wearing more clothes than prince harry. that's where we're going to start. nick watt in los angeles. >> very good, george. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, his grandma is the queen. he's third in line for the throne. he's got one of the most recognizable faces on the planet. but in these photos that showed up on tmz overnight, harry, well, he's as naked as the day he was born. this morning, the palace confirms that these naked photos of prince harry are real. a stark difference from the harry of late, who seemed all grown up. >> prince harry of wales. >> reporter: doing his country
7:32 am
proud during the olympics. coat and tie and some gravitas. and remember, he was shoulder to shoulder with his brother at the wedding last year. he's even served his country, risked his life in afghanistan. but now, the internet is ablaze with these photographs showing prince harry naked. originally posted on tmz overnight, going global. >> everybody knows better than to party naked in a room full of strangers without confiscating the cell phones. that's just hollywood 101. >> reporter: the prince is pictured bear-hugging a seemingly naked woman in a las vegas hotel suite. sources have told abc news the prince has been on holiday with friends, letting off some steam before the next phase of his military duties. >> there's always deniability. but once the photos are taken, you're caught. >> reporter: the palace tells abc news, it won't be making any further comments about the photos. harry's always been known as a party animal.
7:33 am
but this time, has he royally messed up? >> prince harry always has a knack for getting himself in and out of trouble. so, it will be interesting to see how he can get himself out of this one. >> reporter: and right now, harry is heading home to face the music, to face grandma, who i imagine might be just a little bit upset. but there's two schools of thought on this. some people will say a prince should never behave this way. others will say, no one got hurt. he was in vegas. it was just harry being harry. >> okay, nick, thanks. let's hear what one long-time royal watcher thinks. ingrid seward. editor in chief of "majesty" magazine. thanks for joining us this morning. take us inside that room. what is the queen going to say to harry? >> i don't think the queen will say anything to harry. i think she'll probably ignore it. but i'm sure it might make prince philip laugh a little bit. you can all get on the moral high ground here and say, he's nearly 28 years old. he should have known better.
7:34 am
he should have made sure all of the cell phones are confiscated. but the to the -- but the bottom line is -- the bottom line, forgive me the pun. >> i like it. >> sorry about that. he was having fun. and part of the reason we all love harry so much is because we see the serious side of him, as a serving officer in the army. and we see him at the closing ceremony of the olympics, looking very solemn. and we see him serving in afghanistan. and then, we see this other, crazy side. we rather love it. it makes him more endearing. >> no backlash at all? the royal family has been on a p.r. roll over last year. last year, the wedding. this year, the queen's jubilee. you don't feel this will hurt that image at all? >> i don't think it will. i really pray that it doesn't hurt that image. i think a lot of people will say he's an idiot. well, perhaps he is. but i think they will also say it's very bad luck. he was at a private party.
7:35 am
and they might say why didn't his protection officers make sure that all the cell phones were confiscated? there's always one they don't find. harry's been here before. and i'm sure he will get out of this one. >> so you think this just goes away? >> well, the palace aren't going to comment anymore because it just keeps the story alive. i don't really see where it can go, other than everybody just repeating the story. i think they've got to keep quite quiet and just hope that it dies down. the next thing we know he'll be in afghanistan and we'll all be saying he's a hero. >> ingrid seward, thank you for your insight. let's get to the weather and sam. >> we talked about the tropics. but there's more on the board. this is the busy time in africa, when the storms get going in this zone. this is the next storm that the hurricane center looks at and says there's a 70% to 90% chance
7:36 am
that will become another storm that we'll have to name after the "i" storm, which will probably be joyce. there's another storm after isaac. here's where the warmth squeezed back in. chicagoland, louisville, detroit, boston, washington, charleston. all these numbers in the 80s. look at the 90s from dallas to tennessee, as well. and in the west, very heavy rain in the southwest. and likely, a lot of desert flooding. we're looking at big, big, big rainfall totals from vegas all the way to phoenix. >> all that weather was brought to you by purina. george? >> thank you, sam. and coming up, the latest on diana nyad's quest to swim into the history books. talking to robin this morning about battling jelly fish and storms and why she has no regrets.
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diana nyad fought for every stroke, trying to set an epic endurance record, swimming from cuba to florida. we're going to hear from diana in just a minute. first, abc's matt gutman has the story of her incredible journey. >> reporter: for diana nyad, these were the final strokes of failure. but she refuses to concede defeat. nyad symbolically swimming, and then wading to shore, after she failed to complete her bid of the tortuous 103-mile swim from cuba to key west. but she was cheered as a champion, nonetheless. >> can i say there's no disappointment? no. >> reporter: exhaustion, also, forcing her to sit, legs wobbly. but it was the second storm in as many nights that officially ended her quest. the crew saying it was too dangerous to go on.
7:42 am
nyad apparently standing there on the deck angrily shaking her head, saying she had more miles in her. see her face battered by salt and jellyfish, after she got out of the water. if anything came close to sinking her spirit, it was the jellyfish. >> these jellyfish are prolific. and you know what? to me, there's no joy in that. ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: out of the water, the crowd sang "happy birthday," one day before her big day. she says she's feeling stronger than ever. >> by the way, there's no doubt, i'm in better shape at 62 than in my 20s. >> reporter: more than 60 hours in the water, a personal record. but still, 50 miles short of what she calls her extreme dream. matt gutman, abc news, key west, florida. >> all right, matt. thank you. and diana nyad joins us now from key west. diana, it's so good to lay our eyes on you. we know that you have been through so much. how are you doing physically and
7:43 am
emotionally this morning, diana? >> i'm sitting here, just a few hours, you know, after that ordeal. and it was an ordeal. it wasn't just a normal swim. just a kitchen sink kept getting thrown at us in every way. and i literally -- i've lost a little weight. i feel a little weak. i literally have no lactic acid. no soreness in these arms. this 62-year-old body, believe it or not, is a better athlete today than when i was in my supposed prime. >> what was that moment like when you were pulled from the water? and you felt that you still had more in you. >> you've got to get real sometimes. you know, i'm not a quitter. i've never quit anything in my whole life. but because of the jellyfish, robin, it's not the squalls. and it's not the powerful gulf stream and the tricky currents. it's not the sharks. we had a number of large predators swimming under me that second night. you know how unsettling that is?
7:44 am
our shark divers, six guys, experts in their field, are in the water, just vigilant all night watching pairs of eyes all around. and we went through a few frightening moments on this swim. but the truth is, it's all about the jellyfish. the lips -- you see how swollen my lips are. this is not sun exposure. this is not salt exposure. it's a sting from a jellyfish that has a tentacle no thicker than a strand of our hair. i'm out there in that vast ocean. i'm covered with a suit and pantyhose over my head. and you're telling me that a piece of hair finds me out there and stings me badly? sends you into chills and paroxysms. it took a lot of the joy out of it, i have to tell you. >> i'm sure it did. it was hard decision to come out in some ways.
7:45 am
but it was the right decision. there's a bigger story here, isn't there? >> is it the journey? or the destination? in the end, it's always about the journey. that's what the stuff of life is. i took three years of my life to try to accomplish this extreme dream. so, i didn't make it. but you know what? the journey was thrilling. i wanted to say personally to you, robin, we all know because you've been so loving to share what's going on in your life with all of us, who are huge fans and feel such affection for you, that you are in front of something that's difficult. we all know you're going to be just fine. but nevertheless, it's difficult. and you're making the right decisions, calmly and surrounding yourself with your faith and the people you love. and you'll never look back with any regret because you're doing it the right way. >> you have taught me so much. >> that's your journey. >> yes. and life is a journey, not a destination. you keep saying 62. you're 63 today, diana nyad. happy birthday to you. >> i forgot. i forgot, yeah.
7:46 am
i am. >> you're proud. you're making us all very proud. have a wonderful time. i know you're surrounded by a lot of love and a lot of mutual friends there in key west. bless you. continued blessings. and i'll see you down the road, diana. >> and the same right back to you. you take good care of yourself. >> i love her. this is something that i have in my dressing room. life is a journey, not a destination. india.arie gave me this years ago. i agree. with her wholeheartedly. >> what a journey it's been. >> yes, it has. and the journey continues with "the play of the day." come on back.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
here's "the play of the day." >> quickly, "play of the day." diana nyad, huh? wonderful, wonderful. terrific. quickly, no strangers to exhaustion sitting on this couch. you might remember this little guy.
7:51 am
layla, remember? just wanted to play. yeah. i'm -- just really tired. i just -- oh, i'm going to play -- no, i'm just really. never mind. here's a new guy. and he just wants to -- they want to play, you know? >> a little kid fighting a nap. >> man's best friend needs a nap. needs a nap. >> that's a thursday right here. >> oh, boy. >> oh. michael strahan, a new kelly co-host. you do this every morning?
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. an early morning gas leak at uc berkeley has been capped after a car crashed into a residence hall and severed a with gasline around 3:00 this morning causing evacuation of students and closure of college avenue and channing way the driver left the scene then returned. mike is here with the forecast. good morning. cooler than average afternoon temperatures three in livermore to nine in redwood city, near 60 coast, clouds the bay by 1:00, 60s, 70s sunshine inland by 11:00
7:57 am
steady for the seven day forecast. highway 4 eastbound rollovercrash approaching railroad still causing slowing both directions westbound heavy bay bridge toll into the maze.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ oh. back w ♪ oh. back with us this morning are the dancers from the dance with me dance studio here in new york. and the reason they are here is because kyle massey is here with those dancers. >> there he is. >> making his case -- >> there he is. >> and both campaigning. >> that's right. will he be the 13th member to join the all-star edition? it's up to you if he gets another shot. yesterday. >> only one of them is going to get it. also, one of the most
8:01 am
coveted seats in television may be taken right now. who is going to replace regis and sit beside kelly ripa? i don't think it's going to be josh. neil patrick. there it is. michael strahan. that's how it's looking right now. we're not for sure. but look at the performance that could have put him over the top. >> that could have done it. sealed the deal. >> we know a whole lot about him. >> yes, we do. and country superstar taylor swift is dating a kennedy, as you may know. taco, as they're now known. and her style is -- >> taylor and conor. >> taylor and conor. yes. >> i want to tell you about her style and how it's changed. she's gotten the whole jackie o. thing. she wears it so well. we're going to tell you how you can steal her style, right now, for less. and we have great "deals and steals" ahead for our viewers. and we'll talk about taco.
8:02 am
>> very chic, her look. have to start out with news, though. josh? >> we're going to begin with missouri congressman, todd akin. he set off a firestorm earlier this week with his comments about rape and abortion. earlier here on "good morning america," he told george that he is staying in his senate race, despite overwhelming pressure on him to quit. he said republican party bosses should not try to override the voters who support him. akin apologized for his comments. but said, he will not apologize for being pro-life. he also confirmed vice presidential candidate paul ryan personally asked him to quit the race. and a suburban seattle man accused of sending an e-mail threat against president obama is due in court today. secret service agents who arrested 31-year-old anton calouri at his apartment last night, say that he came to the door with a shotgun and allegedly made threats about explosives, though no bomb was later found. meanwhile, in california, we
8:03 am
learned overnight at least 50 buildings, most of them homes, have been destroyed by that massive fire burning through north of sacramento. most, again, houses. we're now on track for the worst fire season in this country on record. more than 7 million acres have burned across the u.s. this season. roughly the size of the state of maryland. and a popular fast food chain is looking for a new beef supplier. in-n-out burger, cutting ties to a california slaughterhouse, shut down for animal cruelty. undercover video allegedly shows inhumane practices and sick cows. and consider this the next time you're planning your family budget. a new study shows that americans throw away as much as 40% of the food we buy, according to the natural resources defense council. the average family of four now wastes more than $2,200 per year on uneaten food alone. and some barely news here. people are spending more money at barnes & nobel.
8:04 am
why? "fifty shades of grey." that's why. >> why? >> the book seller credits the novels for a remarkable increase in sales. >> those are real stories, josh. >> yes, they are. they have beginnings and middles and ends. 46%, it turns out. many readers favor the electronic versions, perhaps, because they don't want anyone else to know what they're reading. yeah. that's where it's going to have to end today. unfortunately. >> and so it shall. until next time. >> yes. that's where we begin with "pop news." >> one door closes, another opens. good morning, everybody. welcome to "pop news." "entertainment weekly" has given us a really big exclusive. it's from their next issue. it's really big for comic book fans, specifically superman. d.c. comics will reveal in the upcoming issue, superman has dumped lois lane after all these years and taken up with wonder woman. >> oh, no.
8:05 am
>> it looks like these two may need a room on her invisible jet. if you see these pictures, they have superchemistry, according to the writers. their coupling will have a seismic impact on all the heroes and villains in the d.c. universe. >> no, no. >> i refuse to accept that. >> wonder woman's -- how can lois lane compare? >> you have a lot at stake here? >> they said this has been brewing. that wonder woman has been trying to get with superman since 1988. >> she's a home wrecker. >> yes. so, we expect a lot of talk about this on twitter. feel free to send it in. it's a huge story in "entertainment weekly." thank you. elsewhere -- >> next in "pop news." is bo too beefy? that was the question on monday when the white house held the
8:06 am
first-ever kids state dinner. when the president met the young kids, he had one request for the young chaps. no matter how cute he is, don't feed bo. he then went on to explain that the first dog is apparently now on a diet because he will, quote, eat anything he sees. and it has caught up with him. >> he's a dog. >> that's what happens. and he's getting older. he's also a big, fluffy portuguese water dog. hey, air guitar, it's not just for grown-ups anymore. we're going to show you these photos posted online of babies, and their rock star alter egos. a little lady, channeling keith richards, complete with head gear and grimace. this one, with his eyes closed, is "after midnight" for this eric clapton wannabe. working it. then, there's slash. i know. work with me, people. close one eye and it gets closer. this one -- yeah. this is slash. although, slash may not approve of the flowered onesie. those are trending. those are the most trending thing on the internet right now. so, we wanted to share.
8:07 am
finally, this is a story i love. they say a tree grows in brooklyn. and apparently a peacock roams in queens. several people say they think they were seeing things, until other people started reporting seeing the colorful fowl roaming the streets of flushing and q. gardens. no one knows where it came from. the queens zoo says it wasn't theirs. they don't have peacocks. neither does the queens botanical gardens. both say they would not mind adopting the little fellow. he continues to elude animal control and the elite emergency service unit. >> thank you. >> thank you for your service today. >> my work is done here. how about sam outside? sam? >> well, i'm just saying, we may have some vote tampering going on. kyle is big with the signs and the t-shirts today. and it seems to be working with this crowd. i don't know. i'm just saying that there are an awful lot of kyle t-shirts.
8:08 am
>> oh, yes. >> and there is not a man quite as bedazzled as kyle. let's get to the boards and show you what's going on this morning. we'll start with the path of this storm they've named isaac. we'll watch as it strengthens a little bit. then, as it cruises south of puerto rico, under the dominican republic and haiti. and curves out over cuba. this is the path right now. there's plenty of time to wobble it left or right, east or west. so, everybody should be watching this storm. and we'll watch it for you so you're not surprised by it. in comes cooler air to coastal areas. seattle and portland, you're much cooler. boise, in the 80s. i think we'll be in the 60s in the coastal areas. but it's gusty winds and areas of northern california and o
8:09 am
>> and we are live in times square. i don't know, kyle. i think you've got to everybody. i'm surrounded by signs and t-shirts. lara? >> all right, sam. thank you. and here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." is super bowl champ michael strahan the one replacing regis? plus, kyle massey, as you just saw, is live in times square. and working it. he wants to explain why you should send him back to the dance floor on "dancing with the stars." and country star, taylor swift. her look is so preppy chic while dating a kennedy. and how you can get that style for a lot less. so much more coming up on "gma," from times square.
8:10 am
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the postal service shipping's easy. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. that's not complicated. no. come on. how about... a handshake. alright. priority mail flat rate boxes. starting at just $5.15. only from the postal service. back here live, north plaza. because it's been the biggest
8:15 am
guessing game in television. who is replacing regis. this morning, the answer may be in the headlines. kelly's new co-host expected to take his seat or her seat, september 4th. linsey davis has good stuff for us. >> reporter: interesting, hot off the presses, robin. all signs pointing to super bowl champ, michael strahan, for one of the most coveted jobs in television. it's been nine months since regis stepped down. so, is strahan his successor? this morning, all bets are on this guy, former nfl super bowl champ, michael strahan, who was the charismatic leader of the new york giants. with dozen of a-list celebrities, from jerry seinfeld. >> obviously, we're not prepared. >> reporter: "how i met your mother" funny man, neil patrick
8:16 am
harris. kim kardashian, and crooner, josh groban, all sat in that seat vacant by regis, on the show he made synonymous with morning coffee for 28 years. >> thanks, everybody. >> reporter: the stars, all vying for a chance to land the morning tv gig of a lifetime. >> this could be somebody's ticket to stardom. the possibilities are endless for the person who gets this job. >> reporter: speculation began back in june of last year, when "the wall street journal" reported the short list included ripa's hubby, mark consuelos, her best pal, andy cohen, and "american idol" co-host, ryan seacrest. tmz reported rob lowe was in the running. and now, overnight, as multiple sources say strahan is likely to score the gig. and strahan isn't first to be speculated to be first on the list. "the wall street journal" says
8:17 am
"saturday night live" writer seth meyers could be on the list. >> i think people are really excited to see if the show can deliver again. >> reporter: my personal favorite, our very own sam champion. >> sam champion, from "good morning america." >> reporter: sam, bringing the sunshine. "the l.a. times" says strahan would become bicoastal. working in new york and going back to l.a., for his weekend gig as a fox sports analyst. he's going to be busy. >> sam is filling in for josh on "good afternoon america" today. he doesn't have time for kelly. i'm not kidding. he really does, george. >> all sorts of tv mysteries there. which one of these three will get a second crack at the mirrorball trophy, when the all-star season of "dancing with the stars" kicks off september 24th? will it be kyle massey, runner-up to jennifer grey a couple seasons back? he's here to let us in on his strategy. first, here's what he's been doing to win that viewer's choice slot this fall.
8:18 am
♪ that sparkling sense of humor. ♪ those trademark faces. ♪ and of course, the unforgettable moves. ♪ he made it to the finale. >> whatever happens, you are season 11, mr. charisma. >> reporter: but left the dance floor empty handed. coming in second, after jennifer grey's routine put him in the corner. now, kyle is trying one more time to make that mirrorball his own. but he needs your votes to help him get a coveted spot in the "dancing with the stars" all-star cast. >> america, you need to vote for me as your final all-star. i'm the all-american kid. >> reporter: he's taken over our
8:19 am
set. employing some dirty campaign tricks. >> vote for kyle, or you will not get this broadcast in your home ever again. >> reporter: and he's traveled to times square from l.a., with vote for kyle t-shirts for the fans. here he is right now. kyle massey, getting ready. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. give me five. yes. yes. >> you have the moves, man. >> good to see you. >> you are working this hard. >> yes. you know, i'm definitely, you know, campaigning to the maximum. that's what i am doing. >> what about these threats? you're going to take us off the air? >> oh, no. never, never. i love "good morning america." >> tell us a little bit about your strategy. how are you going to get all these people to vote for you? >> well, to tell you the truth, man, really coming out here and meeting the fans, man. they're the ones that make this all work, everything. they're the ones that make this
8:20 am
all possible. the least we can do is come out here and, you know, give vote t-shirts for me. shake some hands and meet the people. >> you had such a great run last time around. second to jennifer grey. she knew how to dance. you showed you knew how to dance, as well. all that permsonality. going back this time, what do you want to change? what do you want to step up? >> one thing i want to step up is my performance and my technique. a lot of times, because it was my first time dancing ever on the show, there was some moves that i wasn't really comfortable with. i didn't really know how to do. now, being i've been performing at the tropicana in las vegas -- >> with lacey, right? >> with lacey. i've been fine-tuning my skills. >> lacey does not have a partner. she has not been assigned to the all-star cast. >> i'm saying. fingers crossed. thanks to you guys. if you guys vote, if you guys
8:21 am
vote, vote kyle. >> it also turns out, the day we announce is your 21st birthday. >> yes. >> pretty good birthday present. >> that's what i'm saying. it's my birthday. you can wrap my contestants up. you can butter me up and blow me out like a candle. >> i'll stay away from that one. last time around, tootsie roll was your big move. >> yes. >> working on anything now? >> i'm working on something now called the tornado. it's all in the hips. you just shake it like this. and it goes really fast. >> there it is. you've seen the tornado right there. kyle massey. tomorrow, we'll have carson kressley. thanks for coming in. every vote. monday, we're going to reveal who gets the final spot on "dancing with the stars." it will be exclusive right here on "gma." let's go to lara. >> i love that last move. that was impressive. >> the tornado. it was the tornado. >> amazing. >> practice it at home.
8:22 am
>> amazing. we turn, now, to country superstar, taylor swift. her new song, "we are never, ever getting back together" is heating up the charts. >> she may be sporting a new look with her new romance. conor kennedy. taco. >> she has gone from country to classic. take a look. ♪ keep on keeping your eyes on me ♪ >> reporter: she's the 22-year-old singing sensation who's tracks are almost as tracked as her love life. ♪ take me somewhere we can be alone ♪ >> reporter: and as a reported romance with a member of american royalty in hyannisport heats up this summer, this roots in country, is sporting a look more camelot than "coal miner's daughter." gone are the boho dresses and long sweaters. replaced we preppy shirts, and
8:23 am
floral bikinis. and fashion watchers are swift to give her a compliment. drawing comparison between her and jackie o. >> she's been reading books about the kennedys. and it's been inspiring her music. >> reporter: and much like her music, swift's latest fashion choices are proving some style is timeless. there you have it. meredith rollins, "redbook" magazine executive editor. going to show us how to get the look. it's retro. >> taylor's looking great with her kennedy boyfriend. and we're going to show you the looks that almost anyone can pull off. >> it's a good investment because it's timeless. >> this is morgan. and morgan is wearing a polka-dot top and red shorts.
8:24 am
polka-dots are huge now. it looks great. and the shorts are a fun, pop color. these are from strawberry. only $17. >> it looks cool. it looks breezy. >> i feel like i've seen so many photos of taylor in this exact outfit. >> exactly. she likes the polka-dot top. >> and glasses on the top of the head. >> can we get polka-dot tops? >> i like them. it looks nice. >> it's classic. and jackie o. loved it. >> the next look is very jackie o. similar, right? >> it is very jackie o. >> this is a striped top. we talked to taylor last week. and she says that jackie is one of her style icons. red jeans are huge going into fall. a nice, preppy look that's classic. >> what did taylor say as for
8:25 am
the one thing everyone must have? >> she talked about her red lipstick, which is huge. >> can anybody pull off red lips? >> yes. all of our models are different-looking girls and they all look amazing. >> even our next model has the bright red lips. >> i know. >> so, clean and classic and very conservative. >> it is. it feels a little ladylike. and at the same time, it's fresh with a flowing skirt that has a few prints on it. if you tuck in the top, you can see her waist. and it's a flattering look on anybody. the top and skirt are from forever 21. and under 20 bucks. >> wow. under $20. >> they'll keep in your closet forever. and all of the girls are wearing round-toed ballet flats. these are from old navy. they're also under $20. and it's one of the classic pieces you'll have forever. >> i wonder if we'll see taylor
8:26 am
go back to the country look. >> i don't know. >> i think this can look amazing for just 20 bucks at an item there, which is kind of fantastic. get all of the information on taylor's new looks and you can look like this, as well. just go to on yahoo! we have it all for you. >> we thank you all, to "r "redbook" and meredith. coming up, we meet a remarkable woman, and someone who gave her the gift that saved her life. and also, "deals and steals," only for you. stay with us.
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. san jose police are investigating the city's 7th murder this eight days. police found the victim in a safeway store at story and white roads last night the victim was in his 20s police aren't sure where the stabbing took place but the victim wound up dying in a center aisle of the store. investigators working on a better description of the suspect. let's see how your commute is going. hillsborough southbound 280 because of an earlier injury crash it is usually better than 101 traffic there 14 miles an hour southbound. southbound 101 better alternate that is slow as well at 27 miles an hour.
8:28 am
westbound 4 heavy out of antioch eastbound 4, bay bridge toll backed up to the maze. still overc
8:29 am
welcome back. cooler than average this afternoon three degrees in livermore, seven san francisco, nine redwood city 80s dominate east bay valleys. 60s and 70s around the bay, 50s at the coast.
8:30 am
sun by 1:00 around the bay. [ cheers and applause ] nice, big crowd out here on the north end of times square this morning. look over there. we have a ton of cupcakes. candace nelson from sprinkles and "the cupcake wars" because we have a little cupcake war of our own. who can decorate the best. >> why must we make everything a competition? you win, okay? >> there's some things i don't do well. we'll give it a shot. it's wonderful to have her here. >> indeed. also ahead, we're going to turn to the amazing story of how a simple act can save a life. a mother that you see right there, is going to be reunited with her donor for the first time. why he said she is the real
8:31 am
hero. and a little back story here. a lot of people feel when you need a bone marrow transplant, that a family member will be a good match. that only happens 30% of the time. i'm very blessed in that regard that my sister is a perfect match. a lot of times, people have to rely on the kindness of strangers. i can't wait to meet them. >> fantastic. then, we're going to turn to our tory johnson. she's brought some amazing "deals and steals." great bargains on everything you need to enjoy these last days of summer. also, counting down, it's going to be a great day friday. come on out. it's the wanted. they're one of the hot bands of the summer. we're going to let you pick before they play in central park, the questions you most want them to answer. you go, use the "gma" app on your smartphone or facebook page to vote for your favorite.
8:32 am
craziest thing a fan's ever done. et cetera, et cetera. and a few hours from now, i will be stepping aside and ceding the "gaa" floor, to my good friend, sam champion. sam, what's coming up? >> no one could fill in for you. i'm going to accompany lara spencer this afternoon. debra messing is in. we like stars from all spectrums to be on your show. grover is there, as well. clinton kelly and donna love go toe-to-toe. >> speaking of breaks, lara. it's all you. you need to catch a football, sam. >> here. >> there you go. >> this is petrifying. if you watch television in the afternoon, don't miss this. how about a little weather? one or two things to talk about. josh, do you want to do weather since i'm filling in for you today? >> yeah.
8:33 am
it's going to be -- let's take a look at our twitter pictures. that's blackstone, mass. how beautiful is that? sunset rising. and chattanooga, tennessee. thanks to dave. we want to look at some things on the board. here's some flood warnings. you're going to see most of the rain in your southwestern states, especially the desert areas. that's going to mean flooding for you there. >> as the heaviest rain -- >> as the heaviest rain pushes through. phoenix, you'll be battling flooding and extreme temps. 90 in dallas. they start saying wrap. i'm not done, though. >> see how it works? see how it goes?
8:34 am
>> all of that weather was brought to you by buick lacrosse. how did i do, boss? >> everyone in the control room, he was brilliant. >> not as brilliant as you. not as brilliant as this next story and robin. >> that's a great setup. i have to catch my breath. coming from the north plaza back inside here. not as young as i used to be. older i get, the better i was. you're going to meet this wonderful woman right here because we have a lot in common. many of you know i have a rare blood disease. it has a long name to it. its nickname is mds. i'm going to undergo a bone marrow transplant in a few weeks now. i'm one of thousands of patients that need a transplant. in a perfect world, we all would be matched up with donors. i'm blessed that my sister is
8:35 am
one. the happy ending of the story of the woman sitting next to me right now, i cannot wait. and you're going to meet the young man who gave you the gift of life. before we have that reunion, erica, we want to show people your story. >> thanks. >> reporter: for erica turner, life as a happily-married mother of two came to a screeching halt. her world stopped with a simple statement from her doctor. >> he said, mrs. turner, we believe you have leukemia. and i looked at him and said, cancer of the blood? it was like somebody hit me with a low blow. >> reporter: and her condition was spiraling. she was getting sicker. >> it's a very aggressive leukemia. >> reporter: even with chemo and radiation, there was only one life-saving solution. >> i had to have a bone marrow transplant. that was my only option to survive. >> reporter: erika was an inspiration to her medical team. >> she was filled with hope.
8:36 am
filled with love. and filled with joy. >> reporter: a very tough battle. for african-americans and other minorities, it's harder to find a bone marrow match. >> the likelihood of finding an african-american donor is about 60%. a little higher for hispanics. it's about 70%. and for caucasians, it's in the realm of 90%. >> after weeks of waiting, as erika's condition worsened, a match. even better news. >> they were a perfect match. >> reporter: the zeros on the bottom say their blood proteins are no different. they're an absolutely perfect match. a ten for ten, they call it. >> it was a male. and that he was a senior in college. that's all i knew. >> reporter: but when final preparations came for her transplant, erika was about to give up. >> i was burned out. i was tired. i didn't want to go.
8:37 am
i fought and i fought. i tried. and my husband said, fine. get back in bed. and we'll watch you die. i jumped up. i said, i'm going to die? ha. i'm going to show you. >> reporter: the transplant worked. and soon, erika was in remission. but there is one more stop on erika's journey. >> i've never met him. i've never seen him. but i'm so excited to look into his eyes. to look into his soul. and tell him thank you. i just want him to know, that he is my hero. >> when people are faced with the realization they might die and they have to rely on the kindness of a total stranger, and they say yes, and everything comes together, it's a pretty miraculous story. and it's a journey. >> if this doesn't give you goosebumps, i don't know what
8:38 am
will. >> i am. >> i know you are. are you ready to meet this young man? >> i'm ready to meet the man who saved my life. >> it gives us great pleasure to bring out christopher magoon, the young man who saved erika's life. >> thank you. thank you. good to meet you, finally. you are great. >> thank you. >> bless you. very nice to meet you. >> you are an angel. >> thank you. >> you've been waiting to look into his eyes. you hadn't seen him before. you have to -- you're required to wait a year until you contact
8:39 am
your donor. you've been doing facebooking back and forth? >> more e-mailing. more e-mailing, yeah. a bit of facebooking. >> what is this, you have been waiting to look into his eyes and tell him? >> christopher, i just want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, with my whole soul and my whole being. thank you for giving me back to my parents. thank you for giving me back to my kids and to my husband. i love you. and there's nothing in this world that i would not do for you because you did it for me. and i love you. i love you. >> thank you so much. >> i love you. you're beautiful. >> we've been calling you a hero. and we were really touched when you said that this woman right here is. >> absolutely. >> what do you mean by that? >> you're the one that fought for your family. i had the easy job.
8:40 am
you know, i was asleep for the whole thing. i got to watch tv for two days. that was it. you know, you're the one who is sick. >> yes. >> and always believed you were going to get better. >> yes. >> and you did. >> i did. >> and now, you can supply hope for people in similar situations across the country. >> yes. but there's people like you that give us life. you know, donations -- >> this has to be even more precious, erika, that a total stranger -- my sister -- my momma made my sister give me her marrow. my whole family wanted to do it. and it was just a blessing. it's not that common. but a total stranger. >> yes. and you're right. your sister, she loves you. she's seen you grow into the beautiful woman that you are today. this young man here, he didn't know me from a can of paint, you know? he didn't know me.
8:41 am
and he was so willing and i just can't find the words. but he was just so willing to give his life, you know? so that i can have mine. >> christopher, what would you say to those people who are wondering whether or not they should join the registry? >> i would say do it again in a second. even if you don't know anyone who is sick, you might later down the line. it's really not that painful a procedure. that's one of the huge myths. trust me, it's not that bad. it's like getting your wisdom teeth out. you're under. you wake up. people take really good care of you because you're doing a good thing. go to and get that cheek swab. a painless procedure to get in the registry. that's the most important step. >> it is. we're going to let you spend more time together. erika, you have your husband and your beautiful boys here. christopher, bless your heart. thank you so very much.
8:42 am
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"deals and steals" time now with our friend and bargain-finder, tory johnson. we have a theme late summer. i can hear things coming back in my ear. they'll fix that. most important, these only go while supplies last. >> yep. >> you have to act quickly. >> go to on yahoo! to get all of the
8:45 am
exclusive deals, starting with wolfgang puck. we've done really well with all of wolfgang's things. this is his personal panini grill. it's teeny enough to fit anywhere in your kitchen or in a dorm. you're going to love this price. this is normally $45. we slashed it to 20 bucks. >> whoa. that's a good deal. taking some of these home. >> your girls and ali will love these from sacred jewels. silk cords with precious and semiprecious stones. little gems you can choose from in multicolors. normally $108. >> each? >> oh, yeah. we have them knocked down for you to just $29. a savings of 73%. >> huge. 73% off. okay. >> favorite of the "gma" viewers, that brand. this is a fun bag. from vine street market. made in usa.
8:46 am
it's a canvas bag. it's filled with so much stuff. it has like seven towels. >> perfect for labor day picnic. >> also great for school books or yoga gear. these bags are normally $60. but we have a huge savings on this. it's dropped down to just 18 bucks. 70% savings. holds up to 60 pounds of stuff. >> sneaking some of these. this is good. >> this is one of my favorite companies. it's called hail mary. sometimes you say a snack is so good, it's to die for. theirs is so good, it's to live for. woman-run company. all of the snacks come in the really great package. you get all of this stuff, the macaroons are really good, too. no refined sugar. it's a really great way to try -- aren't they good? try a bunch of different snacks. >> not a lot of calories. >> even the biggest packs, the maximum calories are 150.
8:47 am
normally $32. but for "gma" viewers, 16 bucks. >> another great one. >> a boogie board. imagine kids use lots of paper writing notes. this is like an electronic white board. when the kids are doing homework or taking notes, you can take notes on this. so, you can show that to them right there. and when you want to erase it, you push this top button. great, huge selection of these, including ones that you can upload to your computer. so, kids know and love boogie board. it encourages them to do schoolwork. normally $40 to $130. we slashed them in half. >> thanks to all of the companies for the great deals. get them all on on yahoo! tory, thank you. coming up, "gma's" cupcake wars. don't go anywhere.
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great day here in times square. welcome back, everybody. and now, time to put on our little aprons and talk baking. we're joined by candace nelson, the founder of sprinkles. i thank you, number one. life is better with cupcakes. we're going to have an icing contest in just a moment. and we want -- nobody does it, frankly, in my opinion, better than sprinkles. you're also expanding now and got ice cream. >> oh, yes. >> it gets better. >> this is from our story in
8:51 am
beverly hills from about a month ago. we're shipping nationwide. everyone can get their hands on sprinkles ice cream now. >> show me, if you will. candace, show us how it's done. how does the master do it? >> this is our key lime cupcake recipe, which you can find on the website, and the key here, you want to take the cupcakes once their freshly baked, and brush them with key lime to get the sweet, pucker-up flavor. for you guys, it's about icing. everything at sprinkles is hand-frosted and hand-crafted. >> take a big lump. >> take a big lump. smush it down. and top it with your favorite sugar decorations. >> here we go. we will put 30 seconds on the clock. we have to ice as many as we can. >> as many as we can? not just one? >> ready? everybody? >> on your mark, get set, go. >> you don't have to decorate.
8:52 am
>> very promising. very nice decorations. >> cupcakes. >> be one with the cupcake. >> 30 seconds, guys. >> you have the job of sprinkles. >> what? >> amazing. amazing. oh, my gosh. >> nice. >> sprinkles. get some sprinkles. >> three, two, one. >> that's great. >> you know what? >> lara, i'm not sure on style points. but speed, you've got it. >> i do for speed. how many do we have total here? >> i want the guest judge to see. >> i'm here to present the trophy. but i have to be told who wins? who wins? >> lara. >> she is the cupcake champion for today. that's very nice. you get style points. >> thank you, robin. >> thank you. thank you.
8:53 am
cupcakes for everybody. cupcakes for my friends. we have the key lime recipe, plus a bonus recipe from sprinkles. we have recipes, cupcakes, more on "good morning america."
8:54 am
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8:56 am
take one more look at the winner. that's the winner of the cupcake wars. congratulations again. tomorrow, we'll have paula deen here. she'll tell us how to recover from all of this. >> and sam filling in for -- >> me on "gaa."
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8:59 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. oakland a's beat the twins 4-1 last night and wrapped -- -- and wrap up their series this afternoon. >> a lot of sunshine 62 warming up to 66 everywhere below average three to nine degrees sun inland 11:00 bay 1:00. fairly steady the next seven days. crash fatal in hillsborough southbound 280 near black mountain left rain should be reopened in half an hour. traffic spotters reported standstill head over to 101.


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